Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Jornada 690

Last Thursday, I went and picked up my Jornada 690 that I won off of eBay (at a bargain price). Not only was the price a bargain, but it was in as new condition (not bad for something 8 years old) as it had been sitting in a box in a warehouse for most of it's life.

One of my main reasons for getting it was for logging back in to the flat from Starbucks, McDonald's and Motorway Services. For my first test, I've installed the JLime Linux distro onto a small (128Mb) Compact Flash card. This is the default version of JLime for the 690, based on Opie with an embedded version of Konqueror. Today, I headed off down to Starbucks for a Cinnamon Dolce Latte and a Chocolate Chip Cookie and to have an initial test at connecting back. While it was painfully slow, I was able to connect back to the flat.

My next test will be with the IceWM version of JLime, using Dillo as the browser. I don't think Dillo supports Javascript, which might make it a bit more of a challenge logging in (though hopefully it won't).

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