Monday, June 11, 2007

Disney Coming To Tiscali

Broadband TV news reports that the Disney Channel, Disney Playhouse and Disney Cinemagic are coming to Tiscali. However, this line from the report doesn't make sense

Disney Channel and the pre-school Playhouse Disney will appear in basic as part of the Tiscali TV Kids Pack while Disney Cinemagic will be a standalone premium channel.

The Kids pack isn't part of the basic package, it's an add on. Also, I think it might have already started - I think I saw it the other day, but for some reason I didn't realize that it hadn't always been there.

In other Tiscali news, I've noticed that HBO has started it's on demand channel. It seems to come with whatever package I have (it used to be called the Big Pack, it might still be). It's totally free and not a PPV channel or mixed free/PPV (like 4oD). It's just a shame that there isn't any content on it that I want to watch. I've also noticed that Homechoice's own VOD channels seem to have gone down hill a bit recently, filling up the gaps by reusing content from 4oD. I had a look at Film 4 On Demand, I couldn't get over the prices they were charging for some rather old films.

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