Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Motorola F3 - A Phone In A Can

Today I picked up a Motorola F3 from Carphone Warehouse (I ordered it on their website, as online it was only £9.99). I had wanted to get a dirt cheap phone on T-Mobile and this seems to fit the bill.

It's not much thicker than the L6, though it has about 1/10 of the features. I'm guessing this is Motorola's phone for the elderly - large, easy to read black and white screen and all the menus items have voice prompts - so the phone tells you what the function is (such as "read messages"). Otherwise it's fairly feature free - it makes phone calls and sends texts, and thats about it (though it does have a speakerphone).

The "in a can" bit comes from the packaging - it comes in what can best be described as a can.

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