Thursday, November 01, 2007

Anything for an N800

I went down to Victoria Station this lunch time to try and win an N800 with BT Openzone's event going on down there. When an N800 (amongst other things, such as a laptop and wireless baby monitors) is up for grabs I loose the ability to feel embarrassment - so I dutifully stood in inside a plastic box trying to grab flying bits of paper. The rules were simple, stand inside the box for 10 seconds and grab at least 6 yellow pieces of paper. I did just that and I won a 24 hour Openzone pass. I guess it might come in handy some day, now that there's WiFi almost everywhere I go*. Those 500 minutes a month are starting to burn up more than they used to, so it might be a handy backup if I run out of credit.

* I have noticed that The Cloud often doesn't work - full signal strength, but no connection. Not just on the 770, but on 2 Nintendo DS' and a laptop. And not just at one location - I've found the same problem at both a Wetherspoons and a McDonalds.

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