Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A quick look at the 02 Joggler

I had a quick play with an O2 Joggler at an O2 Shop, and I quickly realized that I don't want to spend £149 (or even £49) for it as it has one feature missing and that missing feature is a show stopper - it doesn't have a web browser!

Instead of being a handy "kitchen computer", it's been hobbled into a digital photo frame with a calendar. Until there's an upgrade that includes either a browser or an app store (that has a browser available) I wouldn't bother spending money on it. It's a shame, as it if wasn't for the lack of a web browser it would have had a place in my kitchen.

Hopefully, somebody else will release something in the same form factor (basically, a large internet tablet), but with a browser. Ideally, it would be running either Android or Maemo. Maybe somebody will work out how to hack the Joggler to run Android and or Maemo. I'll have to keep an eye out.


Lacrosse Drills said...

Well there is one site that has popped up that is giving away £1,000 to the first person who shows them how to Hack Joggler. The site Hack Joggler also has some preliminary investigation into the Joggler and has some information on their forums to get the hackers started. I might even try to hack the joggler

Scot McSweeney-Roberts said...

Thanks for that. Hopefully they'll have some luck breaking the thing open. I wish they didn't have though (I have much the same complaint with the iPhone).

I had a quick look at the apps that the OEM made and I don't see a browser mentioned anywhere. I get the feeling that instead of the free web they want an app store model (so, for example, instead of going to a recipies website you buy a recipes app)

bill said...

yeah I've been having the same problem and saw this site.... hope it can be worked out cause the opportunity of having a browser on this would be great!!

Anonymous said...

The £1000 site was probably a con - I never heard anyone got the money, the 'hack' they announced was fixed within 2 days and the site owner shut down posting and did a runner.

There's an active hacking site at - we've got a *lot* further.

hackthejoggler said...

If anyone is interested in continuing hacking the Joggler, please join our community today and donate some of your free time and advice!