Saturday, July 14, 2012

Huawei Ascend G 300 from Vodafone

I've had my Nexus One for over two and a half years now and it's served me well. However, the small amount of onboard memory has become more and more painful - sadly not everything can be moved to SD card. So time has come for a replacement.

Basically, what I want something close to the N1 in size and at least as powerful, while being reasonably inexpensive (I like the flexibility of owning a phone without having to take out a long term contract). Huawei's first own branded (as opposed to carrier branded) UK model, the Ascend G 300, seems to fit the bill so I decided to buy one from Vodafone (it's their PAYG model - but it works fine with my Vodafone contract SIM).

It's slightly larger (with a 4" screen) than the N1, but not by a whole lot. The 1Ghz processor has the same clock speed as the N1 though in actual use it feels noticeably faster than the N1 (showing there's more to a processor than just raw clock speed). I know that technically, the Nexus One's AMOLED is superior, but I really can't tell that there's that much of a difference (and I think the G 300's screen is brighter).

It's running not quite stock Android 2.3 Gingerbread - Huawei have made some slight modifications, but nothing particularly objectionable. An update to ICS is promised and is allegedly already out in China. As you would expect there are a handful of Vodafone specific apps and some game demos. While I can't get rid of the demos even though I want to (they're titles that are of absolutely no interest to me), one of the modifications Huawei have made is the ability to have folders in the App menu (somewhat reminiscent of what you can do on Symbian), so they're at least out of the way while they sit there wasting space.

Even though it's got 2.3 it doesn't have 2.3's built-in VOIP support, which is a bit of a shame as I have been using the VOIP support with my Nexus One. Also, this version of the G 300 isn't the NFC enabled one, which would have been fun to play with if not particularly useful at the moment.


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