Sunday, February 18, 2007

Motorola L6 & Linux

I've been playing with the L6. I've gotten bluetooth transfers working (at least L6 -> Linux, I haven't tried the other way) and with a a USB cable and moto4lin. I had to get the latest version of moto4lin out of CVS in order to use the "C drive" of the L6 - the version in Ubuntu's repository is old and only sees the "A drive".

However I managed to somehow change all the names of the audio files to form I found the list of what they are here, but just in case that disappears off the net, I'll reproduce them below. I've changed a couple of them back, but seeing as I'm sorely tempted to debrand it at some point in the near future (which involves flashing/flexing the device back to Motorola's defaults), I'm not going to bother renaming all of them.

~AlertFile001.mid Alert
~AlertFile006.mid Bells
~AlertFile007.mid Bits & Bites
~AlertFile013.imy Chimes high
~AlertFile014.imy Chimes low
~AlertFile016.imy Chord high
~AlertFile017.imy Chord low
~AlertFile019.imy Claps
~AlertFile020.mid Cosmic
~AlertFile026.imy Ding
~AlertFile027.mid Door Bell
~AlertFile028.imy Drum
~AlertFile032.imy Fanfare
~AlertFile039.mid Harmonics
~AlertFile041.mid Interlude
~AlertFile042.mid Latin Loops
~AlertFile050.imy Notify
~AlertFile056.mid Provincial
~AlertFile057.mid Random
~AlertFile061.mid Snaggle
~AlertFile064.mid Standard
~AlertFile066.imy TaDa
~AlertFile071.mid Triads
~AlertFile073.mid Up and Down
~AlertFile075.mid Wind Chime
~AlertFile094.mid Moonlight Haze
~AlertFile108.mid Ambient Mood
~AlertFile118.mp3 Sharp Edge
~AlertFile128.mid Helix
~AlertFile137.mp3 Moto
~AlertFile150.mid Nocturne
~AlertFile167.mid Power Surge
~AlertFile171.mid Hyperactive
~AlertFile183.mid Digital Signal
~AlertFile199.mid Fluid
~AlertFile202.mid Exotic
~AlertFile203.mid Illumination
~AlertFile204.mid Club
~AlertFile208.mid Motion
~AlertFile209.mid Radiance
~AlertFile210.mid Sensation
~AlertFile214.mid Pulse
~AlertFile216.mid Organic
~AlertFile218.mid Urban Style
~AlertFile219.mid Sky Blue
~AlertFile224.mid Fashion
~AlertFile237.mid Waves
~AlertFile242.mid Clouds

After you delete some of these AlertFiles, you must delete TempDB.db and MyToneDB.db found in the /a/mobile/audio/ directory and then restart the phone.