Thursday, February 01, 2007

Motorola L6

Last Friday, I bought myself a new phone - a Motorola L6. It was the cheapest Bluetooth phone I could find (30 quid with a trade in, 40 otherwise - I turned in a broken old brick to get the 10 quid off).

It's on Orange PAYG, though I'll be getting it unlocked and probably unbranded at some point. They're running an "all the data you can eat for £1" promotion at the moment, and as I'm still lacking broadband in the flat I've been making some use out of it.

The first site I tried was GMail, it recognized I was using an L6 and invited me to download a client app for GMail, which I did. So far, I've also installed Opera Mini and midpSSH (though without working broadband in the flat, I haven't been able to try it). I might try to find an IM client (though IM'ing on a phone seems a bit pointless) and J2ME SIP phone (and take real advantage of that £1 a day offer). I'm also in the market for a decent to do manager.

I have yet to try and hook it up to any of my computers. I think I've worked out the software I'll need, and I should have compatible USB cable lying around, but I haven't had the time to try it.

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