Wednesday, January 17, 2007

VOIP Gadgets I Would Like To See

Here are some VOIP related gadgets I would like to see. Some of them may already exist, but they're not cheap - so this is really "cheap VOIP Gadgets I would like to see", somewhere in the 30 pound range.

  1. A standalone FXS that supports UK caller id. Something small that you could plug in near your master socket and that would connect to the home network via ethernet and/or WiFi
  2. A standalone Cellular gateway. Similar to the standalone FXS, except you put a SIM card in it and it connects to the GSM (and maybe even 3G) network. These exist (at least with GSM if not 3G) but are expensive. The lowest cost idea I have for connecting Asterisk to GSM networks involves going through a soundcard, which seems like a great way to get poor quality audio (GSM -> Analogue -> GSM can't be great).
  3. A standalone DECT gateway. A simple device that lets you use DECT phones.
  4. A standalone Bluetooth gateway. A simple device so that you can use your bluetooth headset. Fairly unnecessary, but what the hell (maybe it could be combined with the DECT gateway).
  5. Simple, standalone FXOs. No built in routers/firewalls, just one ethernet port and one RJ-11 port (or even a BT port). Maybe even a WiFi version. Ideally it would generate UK Caller ID signals and ADSI. Digium's IAXy seems to be this sort of device, but it's outside my definition of "cheap" (I'm not saying it's expensive, it's just out side my 30 quid "what the hell" price range).

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